• JS-IL 2014

    17Jun2014Tel Aviv

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A whole day of inspiration!

June 2014, Tel Aviv

JS-IL Conference is all about the latest and greatest in the world of JavaScript.
As the web infrastructure evolves, JavaScript has become a full stack language, covering both server and client sides.
JS-IL offers a variety of sessions on both ends of the JavaScript world with experts who are actually working with these technologies.
If JavaScript is part of your world – you won’t want to miss JS-IL.


Server Track

Node is one of the fastest growing platforms for building scalable web applications. Node's ability to use JavaScript on both the client and the server opens up a world of new possibilities, which will be presented in this track.


Client Track

Angular.js is a MV* Javascript framework which is maintained by Google™ and excels in the creation of single-page-applications. If you wish to get the lowdown of Angular and go deep into the rabbit hole - this is the track for you.


The Server Side Track

Server side track content


Opening Keynote

Valeri Karpov & Johnny Tordgeman

SocketIO + AngularJS Under Stress

Omry Nachman Wix


The how and why of nodeJS

Johnny Tordgeman & Zacky Pickholz

MEAN Stack in Action (eng)

Valeri Karpov MongoDB Inc.


Secrets of a Mongo-Node Ninja (eng)

Yonatan Ellman MEAN.IO

JavaScript Breaking Boundaries

Amos Haviv MeanJS.org


Building Modern Webapps With Ease...

Shai Reznik Senior Consultant

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The Client Side Track

Client side track content


Opening Keynote

Valeri Karpov & Nir Chinsky & Johnny Tordgeman

SocketIO + AngularJS Under Stress

Omry Nachman Wix


AngularJS Overview

Yaron Biton misterBIT.co.il

The MEAN stack in detail

Lior Kesos MEAN.IO


Firebase and angular

Yaron Biton misterBIT.co.il

Angular - into the digest loop

Iftach Bar Deflect.io


Angular Performance 101

Aviv Ben-Yosef Deflect.io

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